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I don’t usually post on tumblr…

But this is just the happiest day ever for me (well, at least one of the happiest): I’M SEEING NOEL FIELDING IN BRIGHTON! FRONT ROW!
Aaaaaaaaaall the way from Spain to the UK to see my favourite goth and make one of my dreams come true. I thought this was never going to happen EVER. I remember how a few months ago I complained about living in Spain and not being able to see him or The Mighty Boosh… And now it seems like the planets aligned for me and my friends. 
Besides, Brighton looks pretty lovely <3
Now I’m afraid I won’t understand everything he says, but I don’t care because I’ll probably be stunned or numb the whole show or freaking out. Now I have 9 months to think about my costume. I’m so happy I want to cry and it’s funny because I have to deliver some bad news to my mother and I’ll be smiling all the time, it’s going to be odd. Seriously, guys, thanks to Kasabian, Noel and probably Kaiser Chiefs, this year is going to be like a dream.